Saturday, March 3, 2018

Chaos and Starting Over

Hello crafting peeps.  There hasn't been a whole lot of crafting here.
I managed to finish a quick mandala doily from Sweet Sharna's pattern.

And today I had the urge to pull out my first project I started back when I got 
into crochet and finish it properly.  African flower shawl that I didn't join in the right way.
I saw Patchwork's African flower blanket on Instagram and thought I should take apart mine and try to join in the proper way. 

However, I just was comparing the style of the flower and they are not
quite the same flower pattern.  I may have to tweek my method to make these
into a hexagon shape in order to join them.

So since we had to put down my old cat down I have been looking for another 
addition to our home.  I love my two cats now but three has always been the
magic number of fur babies.  We've had 2, usually briefly and 4 when one was
near their end but 3 just seems to keep a happy calm in the house.

We visited a local pet store that was having an adoption weekend with a local 
organization that rescues cats.  I spotted this guy and fell in love.  Mind you we were
looking for another girl addition as we thought it would be better to get along with our 
current male cat.  But this face made me want to try to see if they would all
get along. 

He apparently was found in rough shape, under weight, missing fur.
The organization didn't know if he would be good with other animals. She did
notice in the store he was hissing at the other cats but when they are on display
in the center of a store with people and dogs going by I guess he would be.
I put in my application and got him the next week.  We kept him separated from
my other cats for at least 4 days. He loved affection and was super cuddly with me, 
which is what I wanted and like to sleep beside me. He did like to bite a bit too much though. 

I started holding him and carrying him around the house. He was very curious to explore 
but as soon as he saw the other cats he would growl and hiss. 
On the weekend with my hubby home he came out to explore the main level of the house.
The other cats ran downstairs. My female, who doesn't take S*&t held her own and 
hissed back. My male, a former stray himself, is more timid and scoured away.
But sadly there was just too much hissing, growling and disruption in the 
household to carry on.  I was loosing sleep as he was in the room I sleep in.
I had to take him back to the store and it killed me to do so. I had to do what
was best to protect my other two cats who get along like brother and sister.

It was an emotional week.
I still believe the right fur baby is out there for us. 

Happy Weekend all!!!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Mia, Pet Loss and Crafting Progress

Hope everyone had a nice New Years. 
This year's winter we've had quite the amount of snow and
the season of sickness.  It's everywhere, work and home.
I was feeling quite proud my usually good immune system
hadn't caught anything with taking Oil of Oregano supplements and
my apple a day regime. But no, some people at work don't
believe in covering their mouth when they cough incessantly.
I was down for 2 weeks with it, 3 days off work. While nursing my cold I 
had been trying to keep check on my old sickly cat. He made it through
the holidays and through January but his hyperthyroid and growth in
rectum had made him quite week and skinny.  Constantly drinking water 
and bits of food but never seem to nourish him enough.  It was hard
but necessary to end his suffering. He seemed like he wanted to keep fighting 
to stay with me.  He was my suck and I had had him since 6 weeks old.
If he made it to April he would have been 16 years.

I have been crocheting more lately, rest time will allow that.

I have gotten quite a few more rounds done on this and near the end of my 
skein of Caron Cake.  I do have one more skein if I want to keep it going.

I finished my mandala. Pattern from SewHappyCreative

And I couldn't resist this mandala, still in progress.  Lovebomb mandala 
from Queen  Babs.

Keep Calm and Crochet On.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Twas Two Nights before Christmas

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas holiday.

I was working on these star snowflakes last night.  They work up quick and a bit addicting 
to make. They're pictured here with the coolest 3D Christmas card ever, of course it
plays music as well.  The little things.

Another bauble ornament.

I found this mini yarns and couldn't resist picking them up.

I finished my cousin's scarf I knitted. It went well with this Snapchat filter.

I got my gift a while ago with the Black Friday sales.  I am trying to get my mojo
for fitness back.  Starting the new year. LOL

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas Is Almost Here

How's everyone's holiday projects going? I've been plugging away at mine.

Knitting some dish cloths and making use of my Christmas Lily Bloom purse.

Found this yarn and pom pom as a hat making kit on clearance.

Our city did this lights festival in our main park that opened last weekend then 
we got a good dumping of snow this past week.

And my kitties.

This guy may not make it much longer.  He's has hyper thyroid and 
is so skinny like my last cat that passed. 

If I do not post again before Christmas, I wish everyone who visits my blog
and wonderful relaxing holiday with your families.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

X-mas Gifting

The needles have been busy.  I've mostly been knitting some Christmas gifts so far.  Scarf below in the this beautiful colourway. Some dish cloths as they are always a practical gift and uses up my cotton yarn stash. 

I managed to find some fur pom poms and one that matched my hat perfectly.

So  I picked up 4 different colours.

We're all decorated for Christmas now. This is the first year we put up Christmas lights outside.

A strand along the roof edge and one of those spotlights that swirls snowflakes. 

And this is the first year we put up the tree for my little guy. 
He doesn't seem to fazed or impressed. 

Happy weekend all!!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Christmas countdown

I finished my plaid pumpkin this week that I wanted to make as soon as I saw this on Instagram.
Pattern is from MegMadeWithLove. It took me a week to finish a few rows here and there.
The below picture is on a shelf with my dad's carvings. I believe I get my creativeness from him.

I added a few more accessories to my wreath.

Finished my hat off with a pom pom.  However, I think it needs a bigger pom pom.
I tried to find one of those faux fur ones that was the rage a bit ago but no store in 
my area seems to carry them anymore and ordering online, the shipping costs more
than the pom pom.  

I've been making little gifts for Christmas. 
What have you been working on? 

And a cute one of  our youngest cat.  He sure has the life.

Posted on my intstagram account my3furbabies2017.

Happy #caturday!! 

Sunday, November 5, 2017


Holiday crafting is underway.  I started the base wreath for this last year and finished that a month ago.  Sewing it on the foam was tedious.  I've still yet to add some additional crochet and or baubles.

I saw these amazing plaid pumpkins being made on Instagram and had to try them. The pattern is from @megmadewithlove .  I crocheted myself a new hat to match my new winter coat.  I want to put a faux fur pom pom on, just have to find one.  If not the usual yarn pom pom.

I'm still working on this starburst blanket.

Knitted a hat for my brother in law.  Starting scarf for a Christmas present. 

Has anyone watched Broadchurch?  I did love that show.  My co-worker went back to England to visit her family and she brought us fans back a few pebbles from the beach where the show was filmed.

It's been a month since my dad passed and had some emotional ups and downs.  He was cremated so we waited to do a small inurment gathering of just the family at the cemetery and then a gathering at my aunts with good food and good memories.  My aunts dug up some great pictures I either hadn't seen or hadn't seen in a long time of us and family.  So nice to do that.
But this picture is by far the best one I've seen of my dad. 

And to end a few pics of the kitties.